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IU Global Health Residency Track

IU Global Health Residency Track – NEW!
Description: Indiana University has a rich history of successful international academic partnerships and is excited to offer more in-depth global health education and experience to interested residents.  The goal of the Indiana University’s Interdepartmental Residency Track in Global Health is to engage highly motivated residents from specialties of Internal Medicine, dual Medicine-Pediatrics, Pediatrics, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Surgery, and Family Medicine in order to facilitate better understanding of the health disparities that exist throughout the world.

            Participating residents will have opportunities to engage in both local and overseas electives that foster hands-on learning in global health.  The Global Health Residency Track also involves collaboration of residents through journal clubs, case-based discussions, and web-based learning modules.  Each resident will also be paired with a faculty mentor with commitment to global health issues.



Updated 9/13/2010




GHEC Residency Guidebook
Published in early 2008 this guidebook is designed to help medical students choose a residency with a global health track, and residency program directors wishing to improve their programs. Based on survey and interview information the guidebook provides program descriptions, discussion of the hurdles encountered and how to address them, illustrative competency standards, and resources useful to residents and program directors.
Click to access the residency guidebook (pdf file) 

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