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OBGYN Global Health Residency
University of Washington
Women's Health International Program (WHIP)

The goal of the University of Washington Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology Women's Health International Program (WHIP) is to improve women's health worldwide by providing health education for women, training for their health care providers, and by conducting research on key questions in women's health.




 University of Pittsburgh Global Health Program in Reproductive Sciences (GHPRS) 
Location: Pittsburgh, PA


EmailMargaret Larkins-Pettigrew, M.D., M. Ed -

Established Field SitesSwaziland, Haiti, Malawi, Honduras, Zambia, Guyana and Nicaragua

Advanced Degree: N/A

Distinguishing Features:

o    International rotations of 4-6 weeks during the 3rd year of residency, with costs covered by GHPRS program.

o    Well-defined curricular objectives.

o    3-year optional Global Health Track, including an 18-credit core curriculum leading to a certificate in Public Policy and Management.

o    Residents participate in Global Health Seminar Series organized by the School of Medicine and Graduate School of Public and International Affairs.


The Global health Track is a three-year program offered to first and second year residents. It includes a core curriculum that leads to a certificate in Public Policy and Management: Global Health in Reproductive Science. Two residents are selected per year (PGY-1/PGY-2) through an established application process. These residents receive additional support and “flex time” to complete required course work and participate in community and international rotations. Seminars are currently offered once a month in the evening and include all disciplines. Each fall, program coordinators will select two PGY-1 and two PGY-2 residents for the Global Health Track. They will be attend didactic sessions once a month during work hours. In addition to their international rotations, they will work in neighborhood clinics that serve the local indigent population. All these experiences are practicum-based with faculty mentoring that adhere strictly to Residency Review Committee guidelines. They must stay within the 80 hour/week requirement.


Global Health OBGYN Fellowships

  University of Illinois, College of Medince at Chicago
Global Health Womens Fellowship


Program Description:
 The purpose of this program is to provide training for clinical OB/GYN physicians in global women’s health research and service provision. We will educate future leaders in the global health community who will develop educational initiatives, improve clinical services, and promote research in global women’s reproductive health. The program will complement existing clinical skills in Obstetrics and Gynecology with public health course work, international field experience, and mentorship. Fellows will be expected to utilize collaborations within the UIC community (School of Public Health, School of Nursing, Department of Anthropology) and develop relationships with international governmental and non-governmental organizations in order to perform effective global health work. The program will be a platform to build strong relationships in locations and situations that lack the infrastructure and/or organization to address reproductive health issues. There are limited opportunities for advanced training of this nature. Given the growing need for physician leadership in the international women’s health community, this program will provide experience, leadership, and opportunities in global women’s health research and clinical care.

Duration of fellowship:
The fellowship is a two year program which incorporates the public health coursework, clinical obstetrics and gynecology responsibilities, and global health field work/research. A one year fellowship is possible for those that have already received their MPH degree at the discretion of the fellowship directors.

We will be accepting applications from May 15th, 2012-August 15th, 2012 for the July 2013-July 2015 Global Women's Health Fellowship. Please see website for more details on program and application:


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