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Interdisciplinary Global Health Residencies


 University of California, San Francisco Global Health Clinical Scholars Program
Location: San Francisco, CA

Specialties: Multi-residency as well as nursing and dental school participation


Email: Chris Stewart, MD –

Established Field Sites: Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania

Advanced Degree: N/A
No. of Positions: 24 from 7 residency programs and nursing and dental schools

Distinguishing Features:

o    Multi-residency plus nurse and dental school participation

o    3 weeks full time (6 hour/day) course

o    Opportunity for a one year competitive program fellowship after training

o    Commitment and affiliation with local global health-related organizations

o    Mentored scholarly projects

o    Meetings bimonthly throughout the year

o    International/immersion experiences of varying length (average 2 months)

o    Program is an addition to participant’s current training

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 Yale/Johnson and Johnson Physician Scholars in International Health Program
Location: Hartford, CT

Specialties: Residents from all specialties are accepted into the program


Email: Laura Crawford, MPH –

Established Field Sites: Eritrea, South Africa, Uganda, Liberia, Indonesia

Advanced Degree: N/A
No. of Positions: 50 per year, ½ from Yale residencies

Distinguishing Features:

o    Accepts ~50 physicians per year for 4-6-week rotations at hospitals in five countries. About half of the participants are Yale residents, one third come from other residency programs, and the balance are career physicians.

o    Provides on-site mentoring by well-qualified nationals and intermittently by Yale faculty and senior career physicians.

Updated 03/21/2010




 Indiana University – Interdisciplinary Global Health Program
Description: Indiana University has a rich history of successful international academic partnerships and is excited to offer more in-depth global health education and experience to interested residents.  The goal of the Indiana University’s Interdepartmental Residency Track in Global Health is to engage highly motivated residents from specialties of Internal Medicine, dual Medicine-Pediatrics, Pediatrics, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Surgery, and Family Medicine in order to facilitate better understanding of the health disparities that exist throughout the world.

            Participating residents will have opportunities to engage in both local and overseas electives that foster hands-on learning in global health.  The Global Health Residency Track also involves collaboration of residents through journal clubs, case-based discussions, and web-based learning modules.  Each resident will also be paired with a faculty mentor with commitment to global health.



Updated 9/13/2010


New York


 Mount Sinai School of Medicine Combined Global Health Residency in Medicine and Pediatrics
Location: New York, NY

Specialties: Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Emergency Medicine, Psychiatry, OB/GYN


Email: Jonathan Ripp, MD –

Established Field Sites: India, Mozambique, Ethiopia, Kenya, Brazil, Tanzania, Argentina, Columbia, Bangladesh

Advanced Degree: MPH in Global Health
No. of Positions: 1-2 per year

Distinguishing Features:

o    Involves a four-year combined medicine-pediatrics residency in which graduates will be board-eligible in both disciplines and complete an MPH in Global Health. This program is part of a larger array of global health training tracks and electives organized by the Mount Sinai Global Health Center. It includes trainees from the departments of medicine, pediatrics, emergency medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, and psychiatry.

o    Residents concurrently obtain an MPH degree with a concentration in global health that focuses on the health of disadvantaged populations.

o    Residents spend 2-3 months doing fieldwork in an underserved community. They prepare a master’s thesis and are expected to submit a paper for publication based on their work.


Interns from Mount Sinai Hospital’s Departments of Pediatrics, Internal Medicine, OB/GYN, Psychiatry and Emergency Medicine residency programs are eligible to apply for a global health specialty track during their PGY1 year. The call for applications is sent out to all housestaff during winter of PGY1 year and notification of successful application is made in the early spring. The track is competitive ( usually 1-2 successful applicants per year) and based on evidence of commitment to global health as a career path. During PGY2, successful applicants participate in a 10 month global health seminar series designed to impart basic knowledge about global health issues, as well as research design and practical skills for global health field work. During this year GHRT residents are also matched to a GHC field site for their senior research/public health project and begin to work with a research mentor on the design of this project. In PGY3, GHRT residents spend 6-8 weeks at t heir field site implementing their project.

For residents who are not in the GHRT but are still interested in global health work, opportunities exist for global health electives at GHC partner sites and can be discussed on an individual basis with the GHC faculty.

Updated 03/21/2010


 The Albert Einstein College of Medicine/Montefiore Primary Care/Social Internal Medicine Program Curriculum in Global Health
Location: Bronx, NY

Specialties: Social Pediatrics, Family Medicine, Primary Care Internal Medicine and Categorical Internal Medicine


Email: Hillary Kunins, MD –

Established Field Sites: Uganda

Advanced Degree: N/A
No. of Positions: 10 Accepted

Distinguishing Features: The distinguishing features of our global health curriculum and of our program, the Primary Care/Social Medicine Program in Internal Medicine of Montefiore, are the synergy of domestic and international global health themes within a rich three-year curriculum; the emphasis on education in the context of service, contribution and capacity-building, as reflected in our actions in the South Bronx and Uganda; the depth and breadth of Einstein’s faculty in global health; and the long-standing commitment of our hospital, Montefiore Medical Center, to the health of underserved communities.

Updated 03/21/2010

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