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Family Medicine - International Residency Programs

 Long Beach Memorial Family Medicine Residency- California

Memorial Family Medicine is a center for family practice training committed to excellence in education and patient care. From the beginnings of the specialty, Southern California has been at the forefront of training and support for family medicine. The Family Medicine Residency Program at Long Beach Memorial Medical Center is proud to be a part of that tradition, graduating fine residency-trained physicians since 1977.


  Contra Costa Family Medicine Residency – San Francisco Area


Details: The Contra Costa Family Practice Residency Program is a training program located in the San Francisco Bay Area with a 30 year history of excellence in Family Medicine education. We serve a diverse patient population and are committed to caring for the underserved. Our goal is to produce leaders in clinical Family Medicine skilled in the full breadth and depth of our discipline.

Located in Martinez (pop. 30,000), an East Bay community just 35 miles from San Francisco and 20 miles from Berkeley, we are vigorously committed to primary care, teaching, care of the underserved, and the promise of family practice. We have no competing residencies, and our new and financially secure county hospital provides an ideal setting for training. This allows us to keep our focus on:

  • Multicultural patients, including urban, rural, and suburban populations
  • Excellence in educational experience
  • High level of resident independence and responsibility
  • Balance of inpatient and outpatient education, including
    • Emergency medicine
    • Intensive care
    • Certification in ACLS, NALS, ALSO
    • Night float system of call
    • Average 160 obstetrical deliveries per resident
    • Full-range obstetric care, including c-sections
    • Surgical and surgical assisting experience
    • Mastery of a wide variety of inpatient and outpatient procedures
    • Three months electives, including international opportunities



  Santa Rosa Family Medicine Residency – San Francisco Area



What are the strong points of the residency?

  • Our Family Medicine identity: We are one of the oldest full-spectrum Family Medicine programs in the country, one of the strongest, an unopposed residency, the only training program in town, and a centerpiece of Sonoma County healthcare. The program allows residents to experience and identify with what it means to be a full spectrum family physician. The graduates of our program are prepared to practice anywhere in the world (and many do). Local alumnae include the current Sonoma County Public Health Officer, founders and directors of three community health centers, chiefs of staff of two major bed hospitals and the President of the California Academy of Family Physicians.
  • Our team: Not only do we attract the best and brightest residents, but also, they join the talented and dedicated faculty already involved and engaged in the residency. This makes for an unselfish collaboration of outstanding residents, faculty, staff and the many graduates who have stayed to practice here. Our residents form bonds that endure for the rest of their lives.
  • Commitment to the underserved: We draw residents and faculty who are committed to providing care for those who need it most. We fight for social justice both locally and globally.
  • Balance: We have an understanding of the importance of balance between work, education and life outside of medicine.  We provide protected opportunity for personal and professional development throughout residency and strive to model those lifelong values to all parts of the program.  We also encourage regular intervals spent in the unrivaled natural beauty of Sonoma County, California.

What is new and innovative at the residency?

  • Leadership and Professional Development curriculum
  • Community-based consortium sponsorship that includes: the three major community hospitals, the public health department, a community health center, the county, and UCSF School of Medicine
  • Family practice center operated as a community health center
  • Broad array of international medicine elective experiences
  • Resident-driven curriculum
  • Group visits: wellness clinic, diabetes clinic in English, Laotian, Cambodian, and Spanish, and lactation classes in Spanish, with expansion to chronic pain, exercise, and prenatal care in the near future
  • Clinic for community access to prenatal care
  • Weekly electronic clinical EBM newsletter
  • Community-wide faculty development program
  • Close relationship with public health and HIV treatment programs
  • Integrative medicine grant for curriculum development
  • Cultural competency curriculum
  • Community Health Worker mentorship program
  • Multi-specialty experiences in:
    • Dementia clinic
    • Headache clinic
    • Pain management



  Ventura Family Medicine Residency – Ventura, CA



·          Single hospital with no competing residencies for inpatient care with experienced and dedicated full time faculty

·          Wide range of adult and pediatric specialty outpatient clinics in Ventura with VCMC and UCLA faculty

·          Diverse patient population: culturally, ethnically, educationally and socio-economically

·          Lots of obstetrics, emergency medicine and procedural training. The family medicine resident is the primary physician.

·          Four months of electives with many of our residents doing international medicine and various specialties

·          Protected time for core didactic conferences

·          Annual weekend resident retreat

Grants are given to residence to cover expenses of any international health rotations



  Saint Joseph International Health Track – South Bend, IN


Details: The International Health Track (IHT) is a unique feature of the Saint Joseph Family Medicine Residency Program. It is an optional opportunity for residents interested in health care for medically underserved people ­ both in the United States and internationally. It gives residents a chance to serve the underserved while gaining knowledge in the diagnoses and treatment of common tropical diseases and conditions. It also allows residents the opportunity to expand their clinical, diagnostic and management skills in a setting of limited resources, to increase skills in manual and surgical procedures, and acquire knowledge in the areas of travel medicine and public health. We also seek to foster respect and compassion for the medically underserved and those from a different culture. Flexibility, creativity, and adaptability are all attributes we seek to develop.

The International Health Track is one of the few programs in global health that is based at a community hospital where there are no other residencies programs.



  St. Vincent's Family Medicine Global Health Area of ConcentrationIndianapolis, IN


Details: The Global Health AOC was established to provide an opportunity for residents who have special interest in caring for underserved populations, both here in the US and internationally.  It is a multi-faceted approach to prepare residents for their careers in which they might incorporate international medicine trips or care for vulnerable populations in the US. Residents are encouraged to sign up for the AOC starting in the last 3 months of their first year of residency and no later than 6 months into their second year.


-Global Health Journal Club- a once a month meeting of interested faculty and residents where an article/global health topic is discussed.

-Global Health Lecture Series- Global health topics are included in the yearlong noontime lecture series for all residents. 

-Pre-Travel Global Health Course- A yearly concentrated 10 day pre-travel course will prepare residents embarking on a global health elective and will include topics in tropical medicine, public health and travel medicine.

-Global Health Electives- Residents will travel with St Vincent faculty on an annual 2 week medical trip.  Current plans are to have trips to either Panama or Haiti.  Any resident, whether in the global health AOC or not, is able to travel abroad for a global health elective.

-Underserved Patients in the US- Our residency office serves a large number of uninsured/underinsured patients.  There are opportunities for residents to care for refugee patients as well.

-Travel Medicine- Residents in the AOC will be encouraged to see travel medicine patients alongside faculty members.

-Quality Improvement/Research Projects- Residents in the AOC are encouraged to complete their QI project on global health or underserved care topics under the guidance of a faculty preceptor.



  Via Christi Family Medicine Fellowship Program – Wichita, KA


Details: The Via Christi IFMF is a 1 year post-residency training program including both didactic and clinical skills rotations in Wichita combined with an overseas clinical experience at one of two partnering mission hospitals.  The training will be divided into three blocks:

·          Two months of this will include training in tropical medicine & hygiene through the WVU School of Medicine. This is a diploma-level course and will allow the fellows to sit for the certificate exam sponsored by the American Society of Tropical Medicine & Hygiene.

·          Five months will be in Wichita completing both didactic and clinical skills training to include:

o         Clinical skills rotations through trauma, burn care, reconstructive plastic surgery, anesthesia, ultrasonography, and dental.

o         Public health; certificate-level course through UKSM-W

o         Cross-cultural adaptation and communication skills

o         Clinical tropical medicine seminars with visiting lecturers experienced in their various disciplines

o         Travel medicine training

o         During these five months of on-campus training, they will also be awarded junior faculty status with the Via Christi Family Medicine Residency program and will be required to fulfill some faculty responsibilities of hospital supervision and training of family medicine residents.

·          Five months will be at one of two partnering medical mission hospitals overseas: Karanda hospital in Zimbabwe or Tenwek hospital in Kenya. Here, they will be obtaining clinical experience in primary surgery, obstetrics, pediatrics, and internal medicine along with completion of a research project.

We anticipate training and mobilizing 6 international family medicine fellows each year through this fellowship. The fellows will be divided into two groups of three and will complete the required three blocks of training on a staggered rotational basis over the course of 12 months.



  Alaska Family Medicine Residency – Anchorage, AK


Details: I am delighted at your interest in the Alaska Family Medicine Residency. Providence Hospital with the help of the state of Alaska, Federal government, University of Washington School of Medicine, Alaska Native Medical Center and a number of other state and regional agencies have created our residency to attract future family physicians such as yourself. Alaska is a wonderful place to live and work, with its abundant outdoor recreation, natural beauty, and the warmth and energy of the Alaskan people. In addition, however, Alaska offers resident educational opportunities among the best in the world.

Our program was designed to train physicians to practice in any part of the state, including some of the most challenging settings for physicians anywhere. Consequently, we have intensive rural training rotations in some of the most challenging and interesting medical sites. We have a major emphasis on cultural diversity and work closely with our colleagues throughout the Alaska Native health care community. As you’ll see from our curriculum outline we emphasize many of the important areas of practice for the family physician who may live and work in areas where there are no other specialties and major medical centers. The practice model for family physicians that we envision has the doctor providing comprehensive care to an entire community, with close relationships to sub specialist at medical centers. The family physician in Alaska often is the only doctor available for emergency medical care, minor surgical procedures, labor and delivery management and community health in addition to chronic and acute disease management in the office. Our graduates are ready to work in hospitals, offices, nursing homes, and rural emergency departments. We believe preparing physicians for this type of practice also prepares them for practice in virtually any other setting, such as urban or suburban outpatient practice, urban underserved practice, or third world/international medicine.

We greatly enjoy what we do. Our faculty and residents work in a collaborative and mutually supportive environment, sharing both work and recreation. We hope you will be as excited about the type of family physician we strive to be, and as stimulated by the educational environment we have created.





  Family Medicine Residency Programs with International Rotations



St. Vincent's East Family Medicine Residency -- Rotations in Kenya, Cameroon, Ghana, China, Korea, Afghanistan, Honduras, Peru, Argentina, and Venezuela.

Tuscaloosa Family Medicine Residency -- Rotations in West Africa and the Middle East.


AHEC-Northwest Family Medicine Residency -- Rotations in Mexico, Central American and South America, or as planned by the resident.


Contra Costa Family Medicine Residency Program -- Rotations in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Tanzania, China, India, Bhutan, Burma, Indonesia, and other locations.

Glendale Adventist -- Rotations in various locations.

Loma Linda Global Health Residency Track -- Rotations in various locations.

Long Beach Memorial Family Medicine Residency Program-Rotations in Belize, China, Haiti, Himalayas, Kenya, Honduras, Mexico, Peru, Papua New Guine

PIH-UCI Family Medicine Residency -- Rotations in Cameroon and Zambia.

Santa Rosa Family Medicine Residency -- Rotations in Guatemala, Dominical Republic, Thailand and Africa.

Stanislaus Family Medicine Residency -- Rotations in Guatemala, Mexico, Cambodia, Kenya, Scotland and India.

Sutter Health FMRP -- Rotations in various locations.

University of California, Irvine -- Rotations in Mexico.


St. Anthony North Family Medicine Residency -- Rotations in various locations.

Swedish Family Medicine Residency -- Rotations in Ecuador


Middlesex Hospital Family Practice Residency -- Rotations in Guatemala


Headquarters Air Armament Center -- Rotations in Kenya, Peru, Germany and Japan.

St. Vincent's Family Medicine Residency Program -- Rotations in Haiti

Tallahassee Memorial Family Medicine Residency -- Rotations in the Caribbean and South America.


University of Illinois-Chicago Global Community Health Track -- Informal opportunities encouraged through alternative programs.


Memorial Hospital of South Bend Family Medicine Residency -- Rotations in various locations.

St. Joseph Regional Medical Family Medicine Residency Program -- Rotations in various locations.

St. Vincent Indianapolis Family Medicine Residency Program -- Rotations in various locations.


Cedar Rapids Medical Education Foundation -- Rotations in China, Thailand, French Guyana, Peru and South Africa

Mercy Family Medicine Residency -- Rotations in various locations.


Via Christi FM Residency -- Rotations in Africa and other locations.

Wesley Family Medicine Residency -- Rotations in Central and South America, and other locations


Central Maine Medical Center Family Medicine Residency Program -- Rotations in India, Cameroon, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Nepal.

Eastern Maine Medical Center -- Rotations in Honduras, Ecuador, Peru and India


Grand Rapids Family Medicine Residency -- Rotations in Honduras, Mexico and other locations.

University of Michigan -- Rotations in various locations.


University of Minnesota/St Joseph's Hospital Family Medicine Residency Program -- Rotations in various locations.


Mercy Family Medicine Residency -- Rotations in Peru and El Salvador annually, as well as other locations.

New Jersey

Somerset Family Medicine Residency -- Rotations in Central America.

New Mexico

University of New Mexico Department of Family and Community Medicine Residency Program -- Rotations in various locations

New York

Beth Israel Residency in Urban Family Medicine -- Rotations in various locations.

St Clare's FMRP -- Rotations in Mexico.

The Global Health Program and Travel Medical Center at Jamaica Hospital Family Medicine Residency Program -- Rotations in sub-Saharan Africa, Central America and South America.

University of Rochester Family Medicine -- Rotations in Honduras.

North Carolina

Cabarrus Family Medicine Residency Program -- Rotations in Dominican Republic, Congo, and other locations.

MAHEC Family Medicine Residency Program -- Rotations in Honduras.

University of North Carolina/Chapel Hill -- Rotations in various locations.


Clinton Memorial Hospital/University of Cincinnati Family Medicine Residency Program -- Rotations in Brazil

The Christ Hospital-University of Cincinnati Family Medicine Residency Program -- Rotations available in Honduras.

The Ohio State University Rural Program -- Rotations in various locations.

The Toledo Hospital Family Medicine Residency Program -- Rotations in Ecuador, Guatemala, and other locations.

University Hospitals Case Medical Center -- Rotations in various locations.


In His Image Family Medicine Residency -- Rotations in Afganistan, China, Honduras, Kazakstan, Macau, Papua New Guinea, or as planned by the resident


Providence Milwaukie FMRP -- Rotations in Ecuador.


Forbes Family Practice Residency -- Rotations in various locations

International Medical Missions Elective -- Rotations in Jamaica.

UPMC McKeesport -- Rotations in Honduras.

University of Pennsylvania Fam Med Residency -- Rotations in various locations.

Williamsport Hospital Family Medicine Residency Program -- Rotations in Haiti, West Africa, Tibet and India.

York Hospital Family Medicine -- Rotations in India and Central America.

South Carolina

AnMed Health Family Medicine Residency Program -- Rotations in various locations.

Palmetto Health Family Medicine Residency -- Rotations in Honduras.

Self Regional Healthcare Family Medicine Residency -- Rotations in Central and South America, Africa, Eastern Europe, and Asia.

Spartanburg Family Medicine Residency -- Rotations in the Dominican Republic.


Brazos Family Medicine Residency -- Rotations in Thailand, Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya.

CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Family Medicine Residency Program -- Rotations in Latin America and Africa.

John Peter Smith Family Medicine Residency -- Rotations in various locations.

Memorial Family Medicine Residency Program -- Rotations in Honduras, Nicaragua, India and China

Methodist Hospital (Houston) FMRP -- Rotations in various locations.

University of Texas Medical Branch -- Rotations in Nicaragua and other locations


Carilion Clinic FMR -- Rotations in Africa, El Salvador, Brazil and Haiti.

Fairfax Family Practice -- Rotations in Honduras

University of Virginia Department of Family Medicine -- Rotations in Saipan, South Africa, Guatemala, Costa Rica and Colombia

VCU/Shenandoah Valley Family Practice Residency -- Rotations in Honduras.


Central Washington Family Medicine Residency Program -- Rotations in Mexico, Central America and the Dominican Republic.

Providence St. Peter Family Medicine Residency Program -- Rotations in various locations.

Swedish Family Medicine - First Hill -- Rotations in Kenya, Nicaragua and Peru.

Swedish Family Medicine - Cherry Hill -- Rotations in Nicaragua, South Africa, Peru and Kenya.

University of Washington Family Medicine Residency Program -- Rotations in various locations.

West Virginia

Marshall University Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine, Department of Family and Community Health -- Rotations in various locations.


LaCrosse-Mayo Family Medicine Residency -- Rotations in various locations

Madison Residency Program -- University of Wisconsin Department of Family Medicine -- Rotations in Belize, Ecuador, Honduras, Mexico, Norway, Thailand, Uganda, Vietnam, and other locations.


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