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National Medical Fellowships

NMF is currently accepting applications for the GE/NMF International Medical Scholars Program .  This program provides an externship experience for 4th year medical students in Ghana or Kenya  from March to May 2014. The award includes transportation, living expenses, and a scholarship of $5,000 per student. Please visit to learn more about the program and apply. Application deadline is SEPTEMBER 26, 2013.


Medical Mission/Global Health Support FundIndiana University

Details: The Medical Missions Support Fund was established in 1988 to encourage Indiana medical students who are planning a career in missionary medicine. Travel grants will be made to students who have financial need and have demonstrated potential for and progress in preparing for missionary medical work in a foreign country. The grant amount will be determined by the number of candidates for the travel grant and the quality of the candidates Global Health experience University.

The Global Health Support Fund was newly established to encourage Indiana medical students who are conducting the third world elective. Travel grants will be made to students who have financial need and have demonstrated an interest in Global Health. University
Contact: Jose Espada; (317) 274-8568 or

Updated 1/15/2010


International Enhancement GrantIndiana University

Details: To help students pursue academic training which adds or enhances an international component of their graduate degree program. Training activities supported include: enrollment in a foreign language or an area studies course not offered at IU; participation in a structured international internship or a formal training program or workshop on an international topic.
Awards: Up to $2,000
Deadlines: Mid-February.
Contact: Paul Fogleman, OVPIA, 201 North Indiana Avenue, IU Bloomington; (812) 855-3948 or


Updated 6/6/2009



Latin American FellowshipIndiana University

Details: This fellowship is jointly funded by IU and the Indiana federation of Clubs to support graduate research and study in Latin America.
Awards: $1,500.
Deadlines: March 6, 2009 for the following academic year.

Contact: Paul Fogleman, OVPIA, 201 North Indiana Avenue, IU Bloomington; ( 812) 855-3948 or


Updated 6/6/2009



Graduate Student Exchange ProgramIndiana University

Details: The Office of International Programs maintains exchange agreements which provide a variety of opportunities for Indiana graduate students to conduct research, study, and teach at selected partner institutions abroad. Applicants may be students from any discipline, department, or campus. Each applicant must submit a proposal for a program that would constitute an integral part of a well-conceived graduate degree program at Indiana.
Awards: Air transportation and living stipend. University University

Deadline: December 10 for the upcoming academic year.

Contact: Shawn Reynolds, OVPIA, Bryan Hall 104, IU Bloomington; (812) 856-9024 or


Updated 6/6/2009



Won-Joon Yoon Memorial Scholarship/FellowshipIndiana University

Details: The Won-Joon Yoon Scholarship/Fellowship will provide financial support for IU students who have exemplified tolerance and understanding across racial and religious lines through service, personal commitment, academic achievement and future potential.


     (1) Candidates may be graduate students or undergraduates who have completed at least one academic semester of study at Indiana at the time of application. Candidates may be citizens of any country. University

     (2) Candidates must be full-time students pursuing Indiana degrees. University

     (3) Candidates may be self-nominated or be nominated by Indiana faculty or staff members. University

     (4) Candidates must submit a statement (not to exceed 750 words; include name and student ID number) describing what the scholarship/fellowship will enable them to accomplish in their academic programs. The scholarship/fellowship should be taken up during summer 2009 or the 2009-2010 academic year.

     (5) Candidates must submit a resume or curriculum vitae and an unofficial transcript.

     (6) Three letters of support are required, at least one of which should be from an Indiana faculty member. University

     (7) Faculty or staff who nominate candidates, please provide a letter of nomination and at least two additional letters of support. If possible, please also enclose a copy of the student's resume or curriculum vitae with student ID number.

Awards: The scholarship has a value of approximately $2,500.
Deadlines: March 30, 2009.
Contact: Edda Callahan, OVPIA, Bryan Hall 104, IU Bloomington; (812) 855-5021 or


Updated 6/6/2009



American Medical Student Association (AMSA) – International Clinical Exchange

Details: Exchange program operates through the International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations (IFMSA).  Through IFMSA over 7,000 students participate in clinical or preclinical clerkship opportunities every year.  Exchanges are a unique opportunity for medical students to further their training by studying medicine in a different cultural context. If you are interested in doing clinical training in another country, and also are excited about providing the same opportunity for foreign students at your school, then AMSA’s International Clinical Exchanges are great opportunity to grow both as a student-leader as well as a physician.

Eligibility: MS III-IV (“Clinical Clerkships”).

Duration: 4 weeks.

Cost: Varies by location.


Updated 1/15/2010


Duration: 1-2 months

Contact: Sarah Stelzner, MD or Diane Lorant, MD

Updated 6/9/2010


MAP International – Medical Assistance Program

Details: The MAP International Medical Fellowship program encourages lifelong involvement in global health issues by providing selected medical students firsthand exposure in a Christian context to the health, social and cultural characteristics of a developing world community.  

Eligibility: Fourth-year medical students, residents, and interns are eligible.  Students select a mission agency or hospital that has an outreach among the poor in a rural or urban setting.

Duration: 8 weeks minimum.

Financial Assistance: The fellowship provides 100% of the approved round trip airfare to one destination.  In most instances, students pay room and board as well as any in-country travel costs.

Application: The annual deadline to submit an application is March 1st for travel planned between June 1st of that year and May 31st of the following year.  Fellowships will be awarded by May 1st each year.


Administrative Agency: MAP International, formed in 1954, is a Christian relief and development organization that promotes the total health of people living in the world’s poorest communities through programs in more than 100 nations.

Updated 4/28/2009



American Medical Women’s Association – Overseas Assistance Grants

Details: The American Women's Hospitals Service (AWHS) provides small grants, up to $1,500, for assistance with transportation costs (airfare, train fare, etc.) connected with pursuing medical studies in an off-campus setting where the medically neglected will benefit.

Eligibility: National AMWA student or resident member. Medical students must be completing their second,third or fourth year at an accredited U.S. medical school. Applicants should be spending a minimum of 6 weeks and no longer than one year in a sponsored program which will serve the needs of the medically underserved. Program must be sponsored by an accredited U.S. medical school or an outside agency (If there is no sponsor, it must be a program for which your school takes responsibility and provides academic credit).

Financial Assistance: Up to $1500

Application: At least three months prior to departure.


Updated 9/28/2009



Gold Foundation: Student Summer Service Fellowships – Overseas Assistance Grants

DetailsThe Student Summer Service Fellowship is intended to provide students an opportunity to design and implement a service project addressing a public health need in an underserved community or population. The Foundation's goal is to provide an opportunity for students to work directly with patients and to become more compassionate, relationship-centered physicians. The student is expected to conduct the research under the oversight and supervision of a mentor. A final report is due at the conclusion of the 10 weeks. The first half of the grant funds are sent upon Foundation acceptance of the student's proposal and receipt of a signed grant agreement from the school. The balance is sent upon receipt of the student's final report.

ApplicationSubmit a 2-3 page proposal outlining the project, including:

    • a statement of need identifying and providing background on the public health issue and population being addressed;
    • background and literature review with appropriate citations (citations can be provided in appendix);
    • a detailed implementation plan to address these needs (if IRB approval/exemption is necessary, please provide application status);
    • an evaluation component to assess impact of student’s intervention;
    • expected level of direct patient interaction during course of the fellowship;
    • comment on possibility for project to continue after the summer fellowship;
    • a statement on opportunity for student to present work to faculty and peers, and possibility for publication;
    • discussion of how this fellowship might contribute to the applicant's understanding of the practice of humanistic medicine as well as the patient experience will illness, their health and the healthcare system.


Financial Assistance: Up to $3000


Updated 4/09/2011


For additional funding recommendations, contact Dr. Charles Kelley (630-7019) or Jose Espada (274-8568).




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