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Short Term and Spring Break Trips

Spring Break and Short Term Overseas Opportunities

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International Service Learning

Unite For Sight


Global Medical Training

Volunteer in Africa




Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine El Salvador CEDEINFA Program

Tentative Dates:  ON HOLD, other programs from OU COM


First, third and fourth year medical students will participate in providing health care along with U.S. and Salvadoran health care workers in inner city clinics and village “brigades” . They will support the ongoing work of CEDEINFA (Center for the Complete Development of Children and Their Families), a non-profit, non-denominational mission that helps rescue high-risk Salvadoran children who live in the poorest communities of San Salvador. Medical students will be immersed in the Salvadoran culture every day, working side-by-side with Salvadoran doctors to provide medical care in some of the poorest communities of El Salvador.


Eligibility: This program is open to first, third and fourth year medical students. OUCOM third and fourth year students will receive two weeks of elective credit for participation in the program.


Requirements: Students accepted into the program will be required to participate in a short cross cultural / medical orientation program. Spanish language is helpful, but not necessary. Participants need to be able to tolerate heat and humidity, and to be flexible in regards to, time, transportation, food and housing accommodations while in El Salvador.


Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine El Salvador Surgery Brigade

Tentative Dates: ON HOLD, other programs from OU COM


The Surgery in Salvador  is a 2-week experience in the city of San Salvador. The first week will consist primarily of a “surgical brigade” staged in a government hospital in Soyapango, where we will operate on patients with limited economic resources. The second week will consist of follow up care of the surgical patients, medical clinics, and a variety of cultural and recreational experiences. Additional nonsurgical clinical experiences are being arranged in the hospital and surrounding communities for both weeks, and will be tailored to the desires of the participants. 


Eligibility: This program is open to third and fourth year medical students, interns, residents, practicing physicians, other health care workers in practice or training, as well as nonmedical students and volunteers. OU students will receive two weeks of elective credit.    


Requirements: Participants will be required to participate in a cross cultural/medical orientation program. Spanish language is helpful, but not necessary. Participants need to be able to tolerate heat and humidity, and to be flexible in regards to time, transportation, food and housing accommodations while in El Salvador.


International Service LearningMedical Trips

Details: ISL sends medical/dent/opt/public health/PT/vet/pharmaceutical teams to countries in The Caribbean, Central and South America, and Africa.  We include pre-health students on our teams as a way of preparing the next generation of international medical caregivers.  Students receive supervised hands-on experience, health related seminars, and financial sponsorship.

Eligibility: Medical Students, Nursing, Pre-med, Dental, Public Health, PT, Vet, and Pharmacy

Duration: 1-3 weeks.

Cost: Variable depending on location ($1,700-$3,000 plus airfare).


Updated 1/31/2013


Unite for SightGlobal Impact Corps

Details: Unite For Sight's Global Impact Corps is an immersive global health experience for students and for professionals. All volunteers participating in Unite For Sight's international programs are Global Impact Fellows.  

What do Global Impact Fellows do? Global Impact Fellows participate daily with local doctors to eliminate patient barriers to care and to facilitate comprehensive year-round eye care for patients living in extreme poverty.  They assist with patient education, visual acuity screening, patient intake, distributing the glasses and medication prescribed by the local eye doctors, data compilation and analysis, and other important support tasks.  They also observe the surgeries provided by the local doctors.

Through hands-on, structured training, Global Impact Fellows gain a comprehensive understanding about best practices in global health and social entrepreneurship.  Global Impact Fellows gain skills and are nurtured to become new leaders in global health, and they receive a Certificate in Global Health & Program Delivery.  Additionally, Global Impact Fellows may participate in the Global Impact Lab, an optional program for those interested in pursuing global health research. For example, current Global Impact Fellows are pursuing research studies about medication management, the use of visual resources for patient education, traditional medicine practices, and patient barriers to care.

Who is eligible? Anyone from any country is eligible to apply.  Unite For Sight Global Impact Fellows are 18 years and older, and there is no upper age limit. Global Impact Fellows range from undergraduate students to medical students, public health students and public health professionals, nurses, educators, opticians, optometrists and ophthalmologists.

Duration: 1-10 weeks.

Cost: Variable depending on location.



Shoulder-to-ShoulderMedical Trips

Details: The lifeblood of Shoulder to Shoulder is in its volunteers. We have great need for all types of volunteers with varied skills and talents.

Two-week Brigades: Volunteer for a group trip with fellow health professionals, dentists and teachers. Provide care to the poorest and contribute to the long-term effort to improve the community. Spanish is not required. Generally participation in "brigades" are dictated by the affiliate or academic group running the particular brigade. Construction and bilingual translators are always needed on these trips.


Long-term Rotations, (1 month or more): Shoulder to Shoulder welcomes volunteers of all sorts for longer periods of volunteering. Health care providers, dentists, teachers, administration and business skills in particular are needed. Spanish proficiency is required.


Medical Rotations: We offer extensive opportunities for medical students and residents in international medicine during either the brigades or long-term rotations.


Construction Trips: Construction volunteers of all talents are welcome for short or long term. Spanish is not required.


Eligibility: Open to all.

Duration: 2-4 weeks.

Cost: Variable depending on location.


Updated 1/31/2013


Global Medical TrainingMedical Student Trips

Locations: Nicaragua, Panama, and the Dominican Republic

Details: Our approach is student centered learning by doing and involves direct patient contact and medical-dental assessments by the students in the medical-dental clinics. There is constant MD and DDS supervision. This experience is 100% interactive, with students, patients, doctors all actively involved in the evaluation, assessment, and treatment of medical conditions. You will not just sit and watch. You will work with doctors side by side. You will be encouraged to do medical-dental work according to your abilities/training, but always with medical-dental guidance, teaching, and supervision. The ratio of students per doctor is about 7 to 1. Interpreters are always present.


We start out with small sub-groups of 2-4 students assessing a patient. As you gain experience, this is broken down to two and even one student per patient. The more advanced you are, the more quickly you move into a one on one patient assessment mode. This is all with full doctor assistance, supervision, and ultimate responsibility, but letting you take the assessment and treatment process as far as you can with each patient. We can individualize for each student this way. Our clinics are primarily medical / non-surgical (except for dental), as we go directly to the small village communities and set up in "non medical" buildings. We care for all ages / genders. There are no true surgical facilities so we will only infrequently excise select minor lesions or see true emergencies.


We go to the people we serve. We move to different sites every 1-2 days. We utilize multiple clinic sites in various geographic locations, and travel considerably. These are moderately difficult trips. The students who participate in these trips are generally healthy, both emotionally and physically. In general, they possess a strong sense of personal spirituality and purpose, a confident awareness of their intellectual gifts, and a caring attitude. They seem particularly motivated to acquire special knowledge and skills, and a desire then to apply themselves actively to the service of others. GMT physicians-dentists supervise all the healthcare aspects, see patients along with the students, and teach them by very active engagement in the total healthcare process. Professionals provide topical lectures, end of the day group sessions and spontaneous discussions about specific cases and general problems e.g. lack of basic disease prevention and public health measures, tropical diseases, lack of education, cultural aspects, poverty, etc. We discuss this especially within the context of healthcare professionals living on a planet with millions of people having minimal or no access to healthcare, widespread poverty, inadequate diets, unhealthy living conditions, and often-lacking humane treatment.

Fees: We require premedical students to pay $150 per day and predental $165.  In addition there is a flat $50 processing fee included in the total.  The charges will be calculated when you register.  We use this money to pay for in-country travel expenses, translators, guides and local physician salaries, food, clinic day meals and medications we distribute during the clinics.  A small portion goes to pay general administrative staff salaries.

Dates: Short term trips (1-2 weeks)


Updated: 1/31/2013




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