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Graduate Students - International Healthcare Experiences
Global Health Experiences: Are you a Graduate Student interested in international healthcare experience?  Check out the following list.  If you have had experience working with an organization that is not listed, please contact us.
Mexico Immersion ProgramIUPUI Student Life and Global Engagement
Details: The Mexico immersion program is a rich experience in language and culture. In addition to learning conversational Spanish, participants will expand their knowledge and understanding of Mexican culture and history first-hand, through classroom discussions, excursions to various sites in Mexico and by living with a Mexican host family.  The program includes intensive Spanish language education, which can be specialized for medical personnel, business, or education, or tourism.  Participants are placed in specially selected, high quality host families.  The cultural excursions provided can be specially designed to meet group needs and service projects can also be individually developed based on majors and industry. IUPUI credit is received for students enrolled in an IUPUI Summer Session.
Eligibility: All undergraduates with minimum 2.7 GPA.
Dates: Spring Break (1 week), Summer Session I and Summer Session II (4 weeks each).
Estimated Cost: $700 Spring Break, $2,000 Summer Session.  Costs include tuition, room & board, ground transportation, program-related activities, and international insurance.  Students are responsible for airfare, passports, & immunizations.
Contact: Michelle Verduzco at or (317) 274-8831.
Updated 3/24/2010
Timmy FoundationIUPUI Student Interest Group
Details: The Timmy Foundation is an Indianapolis-based nonprofit that strategically partners with like-minded organizations and utilizes the energy of student and medical volunteers to increase access to healthcare in the developing world. Collaborating with its international and US partners, Timmy facilitates medical service brigades and channel financial, medical, and human resources to community-based projects in the countries it serves.
The purpose of the Timmy Foundation IUPUI Chapter is to execute the vision and mission of the Timmy Foundation.  The Chapter will advocate for this purpose on campus and in the surrounding community, as well as engage in fundraising activities year-round in an effort to benefit the Foundation.  In addition to advocating and fundraising, the Chapter will spread awareness about the issues faced in the countries and communities Timmy serves.
The Timmy Foundation IUPUI Chapter will spend one week visiting and providing medical attention to the underserved in the country and partner organization to which it has been assigned. The service trips will allow students to actively engage with the people Timmy serves and the partner organizations it supports. Trips are supported and sustained by students and medical professionals, and led cooperatively by student leaders and Timmy Foundation employees.
Updated 3/24/2010
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