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Alternative Spring Break Programs

El Salvador - ENLACE Project Spring Break - IUSM

Details: Medical, dental and graduate-level allied health and health professions student volunteers participate in this spring break service learning experience sponsored by the IU Department of Family Medicine’s ENLACE Project.  Students are engaged in short-term global health infrastructure development, community health initiatives, and clinical shadowing opportunities organized by Companion Community Development Alternatives (CoCoDA), a non-profit organization working in El Salvador for over 25 years.

Eligibility: Medical students, dental students, and other graduate-level health professions students

Duration: 1 week (March 12-19, 2016)

Cost: $1,000 per person + airfare

Contact: Emily Potts ( or Kathleen Fenerty (



Summer after First Year



Central America

El Salvador - ENLACE Summer Language and Cultural Immersion Program - IUSM

Details: The ENLACE Language & Cultural Immersion: El Salvador Program offers rising MSII students an intensive summer immersion experience focused on speaking Spanish better and improving cultural competency and understanding.   In addition, there is exposure to primary and community health care systems in a developing country.

In this month-long immersion, you learn the past and present of El Salvador through an intensive 3-day orientation; participate in small-group classes that focus on conversational Spanish; live with a host-family; shadow a variety of health care providers; prepare and deliver community health education talks/activities;  and, participate in service-learning experiences with local development organizations working on public health issues such as potable water systems.  Additionally, your weekends are full of activities that allow you to learn and see much more of El Salvador.

It doesn’t matter if you can only say “hola” or if you majored in Spanish, you will finish the summer with improved and polished Spanish speaking skills.  At the Pajaro Flor Spanish School in Suchitoto, you will study Spanish language, grammar, and structure with strong emphasis on conversation.  You will put your new skills to work when interacting with your host family, El Salvadoran physicians, health promoters, midwives and patients at the local hospital, the health clinics and when doing home visits.

Program components include:

  • In-depth orientation sessions prior to departure
  • Overview of El Salvadoran history and tour of historical sites in San Salvador
  • Observation of primary and community health care programs 3 half-days/week
  • 20 hours of small group Spanish language instruction per week
  • Home-stay with an El Salvadoran family

Duration: 1-2 months

Cost: $2,250/month + airfare

Contact: Jennifer Custer at



South America


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